Where is Business Credit? – Part II

In spring 2010 I addressed the difficulty of obtaining credit. A friend had asked about the current environment so I am sharing my thoughts with all of you. Hard to believe that so much time has passed so quickly since I Read More

Private Equity: The Buzz is Back!

What a difference a year makes. Flashback to the ACG Intergrowth convention in May 2009, when the mood of the Private Equity (PE) community seemed as somber as a mortician’s convention. Fast forward one-year later to this year’s event and Read More

Where is Business Credit? – Part I

Part of the answer is the banking issue of “Too large to fail” changing to “Too many to fail.” Community banks are still struggling with the effects of the Great Recession. The large loan charge-offs and substantial additions to loan Read More

Financial Strategies in a Challenging Economy

Nearly every industry feels stressed from current economic conditions but none has suffered more than construction. The federal stimulus plan was expected to offset declines in new construction but the projects funded have been slow to come to fruition. As Read More

Private Equity: Down but Not Out

The dramatic decline in M&A activity over the past 12 months has seen an equally precipitous drop in Private Equity’s (PE’s) share in the M&A market. As the chart below highlights, M&A transaction volume peaked in 2007 with over 12,000 Read More

The Return of Mezzanine Capital

The recent economic downturn has been financially challenging for many businesses. Existing credit lines have been reduced, new loans from commercial lenders are more difficult to obtain, and accessing the public capital markets is likely not an option. So in Read More

Current Trends in Distribution

PCE recently participated on a panel regarding “Capital Markets Trends in Distribution” at the Strategic Pricing Associates Distribution Strategy Seminar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In attendance were owners and senior executives from over 70 different distributors and manufacturers across all Read More

A Buying Opportunity for the Courageous

While the current economic environment and financial market meltdown have most business owners focused on conserving cash, controlling/reducing headcount and holding on for dear life, most of the wealthiest individuals in the world (including Mr. Buffett) will likely tell you Read More