Disappearing Discounts

RUN, DON’T WALK. Go see your estate planner NOW! On August 2nd, the Treasury issued proposed regulations that will drastically change estate planning.  If you have, or anticipate having, a taxable estate, you should visit your estate planner as quickly Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Valuations

Understanding the value of your business can be a complex topic involving both quantitative financial analysis and qualitative examination.   This paper breaks down the valuation methodologies in a straightforward format to help you understand the appraisal process and the reasons Read More

How to Value a Company: The Process

From inception to exit, there are many events within the business lifecycle that require you to have an understanding of the value of your business. This guide will unpack the step by step process used by businss valuation professionals to Read More

What to Expect When You Need a Valuation

Once you’ve have determined you need a business valuation, you may be wondering what to expect during the valuation process. This paper will guide you through the selection process of engaging the best valuation professional for your situation, as well Read More

Dig a Little Deeper When Making Valuation Assumptions

By definition, business valuations require assumptions to be made.  The trick is to consider all elements of the business and market conditions to carry the assumptions to a reasonable conclusion. PCE was engaged to value the assets of an estate Read More

Undivided Interests in Real Estate, Part 2

How do you determine the value of an undivided interest in real estate? That is the question from numerous readers of my January newsletter (here), besides their seeking insight to the case specifics I discussed. For background purposes, the IRS Read More

Undivided Interests in Real Estate, Part 1

In preparing for a recent trial in US Tax Court, I was reviewing a valuation we had performed several years ago. The valuation was of a 40% undivided interest in real estate, a tenant-in-common (TIC) interest. There was no formal Read More