State of the M&A Market: The Divestiture Paradox

One may anticipate a spike in corporate divestitures immediately following a period of significant economic decline as companies pull back the reigns and focus on reducing non-core / under-performing units.  Similarly, one may also expect activity to decline in the Read More

Has the Mystique of the Foreign Buyer Faded?

State of the M&A Market – Q2 2013 Cultivated by the globalization of business and the desire of foreign buyers to access sophisticated markets, the world appeared to have become a much smaller place through mid-year 2008.  Buoyed by a Read More

State of the M&A Market: Buyers Stay Close to Home

“Stay close to home” appears to be the mantra of most U.S. M&A transactions.  Buyers purchased businesses close to home (in the same region) nearly 50% of the time in 2012. This “home proximity” increases to 75% when adjacent regions Read More

State of the M&A Market – The Private Equity Bubble(s)

Dating back to the mid-nineties, private equity funds have experienced two significant bubbles driven by major economic events impacting capital fundraising: the technology bubble of 2000 followed by the “Great Recession”.  As depicted in the graphic below, Private equity fundraising Read More

State of the M&A Market – Q1 2012

The volume of M&A transactions remained relatively flat in first quarter of 2012 when compared to recent periods.  However, an interesting observation is that M&A market activity now (15,488 transactions) exceeds the transaction volume of FY 2007 (12,363) by approximately Read More

State of the M&A Market – Q3 2011

Following a dynamic first half of 2011, M&A activity saw a slight decline in the third quarter. Volatility in the equity markets, global economic uncertainty, and seasonal slowing negatively impacted transaction volume.As skepticism in the market place continues to linger, Read More