Global Market Savvy is a Must for Today’s World

Achieving success in the global marketplace requires real-world experience with the challenges of working in foreign markets. Specialized knowledge is essential to ensuring liquidity, navigating the local trading markets, and managing social, political and economic risk.

This requires deep understanding of each country’s regulatory environment, respect for cultural traditions and sensitivities, and the ability to interpret financial information in different forms. Most important, a firm needs a global network of associates who can speak the language and close the deal.

PCE has assembled a highly practiced team of financial services specialists who have managed complex transactions all over the world. As such, we have contacts in every corner of the globe. We know where to get the data we need, how to properly structure large transactions, and what to look out for in terms of risk mitigation. Global market experts at PCE include:

Bryan Fleming

Bryan has valued some of the largest privately owned and publicly traded companies in the world, with engagements in the US, Canada, Caribbean Basin, EU, UK, Mexico, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Bryan is particularly notable for his work with the Capital Markets Control Bureau of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia on behalf of the US Agency for International Development.

Michael Poole

As a recognized industry leader in M&A and corporate finance, Michael has nearly 30 years’ experience with public and private sectors. During his career, he has executed a multi-billion dollar portfolio of business transactions in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Mike Rosendahl

Mike has shown deals and generated interest from potential buyers on every continent, with the exclusion of Antarctica. Some his transactions have included investments in Knight European Roundtable, Tradeware and a joint venture with Nikko Salomon Smith Barney.

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