Is an ESOP Right for You?

When:   July 31, 2018

Where: Online/Webinar

PCE is pleased to announce Will Stewart will present on this important topic.  This webinar focuses on the decision about whether or not to adopt an ESOP, and the costs and benefits to the company, seller, and employees, especially in comparison to alternative paths the company may consider. Mr. Stewart will describe the essential features of how ESOPs work, with a focus on how those features come into play during feasibility assessment and plan design. Attendees will hear examples from specific transactions highlighting some of the decision points, as well as the non-financial issues that often determine whether an ESOP is a success or failure in the long-run.

You will learn:

  • How to weigh the financial costs and benefits of an ESOP, including a comparison to alternative paths.
  • The non-financial factors that may determine whether an ESOP is a good idea for their company, such as legal issues, shareholder goals, and company culture.

Learn more about this webinar here.

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