For many business owners, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) offers an attractive liquidity strategy with compelling tax advantages. Our ESOP experts provide strategic guidance and advice throughout the ESOP life cycle, starting with determining whether an ESOP is a sound option for your business at all. One of our first steps will be to conduct a preliminary valuation that includes:

  • Analysis of company assets and cash flow
  • Analysis of comparable companies
  • Assessment of comparable transactions

Conducted by our experienced valuation team, this assessment forms the foundation of the ESOP Feasibility Study, which includes a full feasibility analysis and financial modeling to determine the most effective ESOP structure for your business.

For existing ESOPs, it is crucial to obtain annual valuations that accurately reflect the value of the shares in the ESOP plan.  Our vast experience in both valuation and ESOP structure provide ESOP trustees valuation reports they can rely upon with confidence.

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